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by Chiara Lubich

The most common experience when reading these Meditations is that they open up a dialogue with the Eternal, and the reader finds a new logic, the heavenly way of reasoning, begins to filter into the soul. We feel that we become better, and we discover a yearning, almost a homesickness, for heaven. And that turns us to face our everyday life, with its everyday struggles and all our everyday neighbours, with renewed resolution. We wish to care for others in the most realistic and down-to-earth way possible. Indeed, we feel enabled to take part in fulfilling the driving theme in the Meditations, the prayer with which Jesus summed up his life-work, uttered to his Father the night before he died: ‘May they all be one.’ (John 17:21)

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Every month the New City Press through the New City Magazine brings you news from a unique perspective: UNITY, and informs you about the contribution of the Focolare Movement to the realization of a united world.

THIS MONTH'S ISSUE - December 2014...


The First Asia Pacific Dialogue on Human Rights and Respect for the Dignity of Life was held October 27-28 in Mandaluyong City, and organized by the Philippines Justice Department in collaboration with the Sant’Egidio’s community. The dialogue dealt with a current issue: the abolition of the death penalty.
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January 2015

Jesus said to her, “Give me a drink” (Jn 4:7).
ENGLISH Word of Life in Powerpoint

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Every day, I clash with and struggle against the weaknesses of my husband and children, and I get very angry inside, because I feel them indifferent to my reproaches. How I’d like to find a way to lighten up this heavy family atmosphere, in which we are immersed morning to night!

Can children who watch too much TV grow up insecure?

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  The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2014 be awarded to Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzay “for their struggle against the suppression of children and young people, and for their supporting the right of all children to an education.”
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This year, members of the Focolare are going deeper into the sixth point of the spirituality of communion: the Eucharist, and here below are some thoughts and reflections from Focolare founder Chiara Lubich. She was addressing a mainly Catholic audience, and was referring to her own Catholic roots. However, her experience can offer a deeper understanding of this central point of the Christian faith to everyone. Looking back at Jesus’ Last Supper and the practice of the first Christians, the coming together on the first day of the week and breaking the bread together may be either an enrichment to one’s own faith journey or as an insight that fosters dialogue. We also wish to offer this reflection in preparation for the International Eucharistic Year which to be held in Cebu, Philippines, in January 2016.
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More than 200 students at the Urbanian University in Rome came together to reflect from the Buddhist and Christian viewpoints on the anthropological effects of the humanity’s modern crisis – a hope from the great religions.
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The Year of Consecrated Life began with a Vigil Service on the evening of November 29 and the Eucharistic Celebration on November 30. “Reawaken the World!” was the wish expressed by Pope Francis for religious men and women.
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Cuore Marquez, a married focolarina of Mariapolis Peace in Tagaytay, shares her experience and passion for peace which she lived with her husband Edo, who passed away from cancer last August 11, 2014
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From Egypt to Colombia to Italy. A few flashes of Gospel life that help us put into practice the Word of Life… read more




Adriana and Salvatore Lamagna, married for 35 years and with three children, share some of their personal ups and downs in life, and how they have experienced “God’s love in a concrete way.”
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“Going to Christ together.” This is the wish of the Lutheran bishop who is former president of the Lutheran World Federation for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. Visiting Italy for the ecumenical meeting of Bishops Friends of the Focolare, Bishop Emeritus Krause replied to some of our questions.
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Sa larangan ng pilosopiya, nais naming ibahagi ang halaw ng talumpati ni Chiara Lubich ng tinanggap niya ang Honorary Degree sa Pilosopiya mula sa Unibersidad ng St. John Baptist de la Salle sa Mexico City noong ika-6 ng Hunyo 1997.
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Belgium: Solidarity Concert

A concert produced by Christian and Muslim teens and adults. It was packaged with care as you would a gift, with time, patience, listening to one another's ideas, complete with the surprise of the end result.
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Burkina Faso: Youth movements unite

Hundreds of young people from different groups have created a day of friendship with an invitation to forgiveness. An important gesture in a country that is going through a transition towards recovery.
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Economy of Communion: The “Pasticcino”
biscuit factory is growing!

The story of Gonzalo Perrìn, entrepreneur and manager of one of the many small enterprises that draws inspiration from the spirit of Economy of Communion.
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Pope Francis to ecclesiastical movements:
“Keep going, be always on the move!”

Street missions, communities for drug addicts, prayer and work, taking care of the elderly and disabled, youth involvement: the Movements want to announce together, the joy of the Gospel in all fields. The meeting with Pope Francis marks the culmination of the international Meeting.
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Interreligious Symposium in Rabat

Around a hundred scholars coming from 25 countries, from the three monotheistic religions, to make an in-depth study together on the dignity and the role of the woman in building peace.
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Hungary, a “dice” for future citizens

The “cube of love” installed in a park of Jánoshalma was a cheerful symbol of an educational proposal to build social bonds based on peace and respect
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Families: opening up to adoption

“We were so happy that we wanted to shout it out to the whole world: the experience of an Italian family that chose the difficult path of adoption, renouncing assisted conception.
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Surviving after typhoon Yolanda

The story of a Filipino family who survived the strong typhoon that hit the Asian country in November 2013 and a reconstruction project carried out by the Focolare.
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Sweden, Bishop Åke Bonnier’s testimony

From the Diocese of Skara, a Lutheran Bishop of the Swedish Church recounts his journey towards unity of Christians in his country.
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Vatican Conference on Inclusive Economy

Scholars and representatives from business and international organisations gather with the Pope to focus on the “culture of waste” that disposes of human beings as if they were “rubbish”. The Economy of Communion’s work at weaving networks.
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Angiolino and His Friends

“I don’t solve their problems, but at least they feel they have someone who wishes them well. . .”
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Families today: accepting the difficulties

Vatican Radio interviewed Anna and Alberto Friso, from New Families of the Focolare, asking them to comment on the recently published Working Document for the Synod of the Catholic Church on the family.
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Focolare: on the path of social Christianity

A symposium in Paris on "The Focolare Movement’s contribution in the Church and in society," concluded the year of the 60th anniversary of the arrival of the Focolare Movement in France.
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