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by Chiara Lubich

The most common experience when reading these Meditations is that they open up a dialogue with the Eternal, and the reader finds a new logic, the heavenly way of reasoning, begins to filter into the soul. We feel that we become better, and we discover a yearning, almost a homesickness, for heaven. And that turns us to face our everyday life, with its everyday struggles and all our everyday neighbours, with renewed resolution. We wish to care for others in the most realistic and down-to-earth way possible. Indeed, we feel enabled to take part in fulfilling the driving theme in the Meditations, the prayer with which Jesus summed up his life-work, uttered to his Father the night before he died: ‘May they all be one.’ (John 17:21)

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Every month the New City Press through the New City Magazine brings you news from a unique perspective: UNITY, and informs you about the contribution of the Focolare Movement to the realization of a united world.

THIS MONTH'S ISSUE - August 216...


Throughout the ages, sports has meant different things. It is usually considered as a celebration of life and health, of the physical and the spiritual. It also serves as a test of the highest, the strongest and the fastest among humans. It is an art that we strive to perfect, a science we continue to study and develop. For simple folk, it provides fun and leisure. But what is really the ultimate goal of sports for humanity?
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August 2016

"You have one teacher, and you are all students"" (Mt 23:8). ENGLISH Word of Life in Powerpoint (right click to save)




In our youth group, we talk about everything. Enjoying our "freedom," we come up with ideas that our parents don’t always understand. In fact, my father says that we are only good talkers, and suggests that we should do something with our lives, something concrete. I think he is exaggerating! Or isn’t ours perhaps the time to dream? If we don’t do so now, when can we dream? (F.Gm.)
Isn’t parenting already a job in itself? (A.T.C.)
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The Dula Ta Bai was a three-day sports event organized by the Focolare Community of Dumaguete with the intention of promoting the life of the Focolare Ideal through sports and recreation. Held in Siliman University last May 12 - 16, the Dula Ta Bai included different activities such as parlor games, sports, and even an Amazing Race, with stations scattered through various parts of Negros Oriental. This year's Dula Ta Bai saw more than a hundred participants coming from all over the Philippines, mostly from the Visayas.
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Sports is one of the most viable and stimulating instruments of brotherhood and peace as it taps into the universal enjoyment of playing together. Among the parochial schools in the Diocese of Imus, Cavite, a project called Sports for Peace provides young people an alternative experience and understanding of sports. Joey Mojica, who spearheaded and coordinated Sports for Peace, shares the inspiration behind, the mechanics, and the fruits of this project.
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The Olympics can show people what the world can be like when we are all united as brothers and sisters.
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A story about how sports helps poor children
become better persons in the Focolare’s
Bukas Palad Community in Davao City.

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Mutual love must become the law, not only for relationships among individuals, but also among communities. To love the other’s country as we love our own must become a reality.
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Kyoko Yoshida, a young Japanese entrepreneur, shares her journey in the adventure of the Economy of Communion
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Renatina Grazia Lipasana, a competitive gymnast and a youth member of the Focolare Movement from Cebu, explains her passion for sports and how it has shaped her sense of being and community.
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Sa pagpapatuloy ng ating serye ng mga pagninilay hango mula sa akdang Tinawag Upang Maging Sambayanan, narito ang ilang mga kaisipan at karanasang naglalahad ng ikaanim sa 12 punto ng Espiritwalidad ng Pagkakaisa: Ang Eukaristiya.read more



Bruno Venturini: A Witness to Mercy

”He was for many a true testimony of God’s infinite mercy,” Maria Voce wrote to the members of the Movement, “which he now is certainly experiencing in fullness.”
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Nothing is impossible where there is love

The testimony of 29 year old Danilo from the Focolare’s Diocesan Movement. The courage to live for others.
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Europe. Togetherness in Hope

Grassroots of European Churches discuss ecumenism and Europe in Munich: 1700 people from 200 Movements and Communities of 40 countries gather.
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India: Positive results
of the Udisha Project

In Mumbai, 120 disadvantaged children take part in the Udisha (sun ray that announces a new dawn) project which offers them a concrete opportunity for human and social development. Their parents dialogue on the harmonic growth of their children and prevention of risks and abuse.
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Giorgio Marchetti has left us

One of the first focolarini, Giorgio Fede Marchetti, passed away peacefully at the age of 86. He had accompanied hundreds of young men along the path of the focolare.
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Philippines: Economy of Communion,
an Economy for All

During the 25th International Congress of the Economy of Communion being held from May 25 to 29, a worldwide linkup will celebrate the event.
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Long Distance Support in Myanmar

A growth opportunity for everyone – families as well as supporters – in a process of promoting life and growth. The testimony of local witnesses.
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Jesús Morán:
Anthropological aspects of dialogue

Intervention by Focolare co-president, Jesús Morán at the University of Mumbai, during his recent trip to the Indian subcontinent.
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Environment and Human Rights

Lawyers, judges, law students and researchers at Castel Gandolfo, Italy, November 13-15, 2015. We talk with Adriana Cosseddu, professor of Criminal Law and coordinator of Commnion and Law, which is promoting the event
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Japan, 70 years after the war

Toshiko Tsuhako, from Okinowa, was 12 years old when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by nuclear attacks. The memory of the war continues to impel her to build peace in the world.
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Germany: initiatives for the refugees

From providing for the basic needs to a “counter attack” for peace, the opening of homes to refugee families. (Extra)ordinary stories of the warm reception of refugees.
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Confronted with the humanitarian drama of the refugees, the Focolare’s Youth for Unity step into action on many fronts, mobilising and appealing to international organisations, while joining in the efforts of the entire Movement.
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EXPO: Solar Power Cookers For Haiti

Helping to relieve poverty in Haiti while resolving the environmental problem. The Cucine solari per Mont -Organizé Project,presented at EXPO Milano 2015 in the Cascina Trulza-Civil Society Pavilion.
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A Bed and Breakfast near Florence

The story of a family in Italy who wanted to get involved in giving hospitality to refugees. Watch news video clip.
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